Who We Are

Who We Are
A division of RJP Remodelers, LLC, we have been in the Antiques and Used Furniture business for over thirty years. We have been providing quality merchandise to our broad base of customers during
good and bad economic times. We understand that our customers are looking for good quality merchandise at a reasonable price. We are expanding our retail stores in the Tri-State region and are helping to create and maintain jobs.

Who Are Our Customers
Our customers are varied. They are home owners, interior designers, prop design studios, and even other pickers! The one important element is that nobody has to worry about haggling over price. There is a small markup that enables us to pay our employees and cover our overhead. We want to create jobs, so we really appreciate your business. If you want to change the look of your living space at reasonable prices, then we can help.
If you are looking for something special we may be able to help. Simply let us know and we will put you on our exclusive Picker List.

Our Merchandise
Our merchandise is purchased from many sources. Our policy is to buy quality items at the right price and add a small mark-up so the customer pays a reasonable price. We buy through estates, auctions, private homes, as well as from other pickers across the country that we have had successful relationships with.
We are only interested in quality merchandise without chips, dents, or loose laminates. We sometimes buy broken chairs or tables for our parts warehouse and repair shop. Any item that has been repaired is marked as such and priced accordingly.
All inventory is first brought to our warehouse and retail location in Parkside, Pennsylvania. The merchandise is thoroughly examined for structural integrity, repaired if necessary, and finally, cleaned. None of our merchandise is sold in broken condition.
We rarely buy reproduction items. However, there are times that a customer will request a reproduction item and those items are marked as such when sold. The merchandise is then either displayed at our Parkside location or shipped to our other retail locations.

Great Buys . . . No Lies!